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VCLA Spring 2017 Newsletter

I invite you to take a moment and see how God is using the ministry of Christian Library International to reach those who are incarcerated.  This ministry is located in Raleigh and God is blessing their work in wonderful ways.   Please do take a moment and read about their ministry in 1500 prisons throughout our country.  I invite you to join with me in supporting this vital ministry.  They are able to go with the Word of God where we cannot go!

500 Reasons to Praise God!





Your partnership with CLI is yielding much fruit!   


You will know them by their fruits - Matthew 7:16



2017 Decisions for Christ so far...


Join us in praying for these 500 new Christians:



Aaron in McKinney, TX
Acsel Valves in Fairfax, VA
Adbel in Westchester, PA
Adrian Andre in Fresno, CA
Aiyana in Chowchiua, CA
Akeem in Henderson, NV
Albert in Wasco, CA
Alejandro in Lamesa, TX
Alejandro in Huntsville, TX
Alfred in Florence, AZ
Alison in Hackensack, NJ
Allan in Bellefonte, PA
Allan in Los Angeles, CA
Allen in Meridian, MS
Allison in Lake Charles, LA
Amy in Raleigh, NC
Anderson in Abilene, TX
Andrew Carl in Wrightsville, AR
Andrew in Murrieta, CA
Andrew in Somerset, PA
Angel in Chester, PA
Angel in Sneads, FL
Angela in Henning, TN
Anthony in Cranston, RI
Anthony in Dublin, CA
Antonio in Bekersfiel, CA
Antonio in Miami, FL
Antonio in Portsmouth, VA
Antonio K. in Portsmouth, VA
Antwain in Columbia, TN
Antwan in Pine Knot, KY
Antwyne in Flagstaff, AZ
Ariana in Florence, AZ
Armando in Appleton, WI
Armando in Fresno, CA
Arnold in Indianapolis, IN
Arnulfo in Roseville, CA
Arran in Jasper, TX
Arturo in San Antonio, TX
Ashley in Kansas City, MO
Ashley in Nashville, TN
Austin in Kokomo, IN
Bautista in Safford, AZ
Becca in Fonddulac, WI
Benita in Pueblo, CA
Benjamin in Brownwood, TX
Benjamin in Sacramento, CA
Billy in Harvest, AL
Billy in Ft. Worth, TX
Billy in Marienville, PA
Bob Lee in Midway, TX
Bobbie in Madison, IN
Bobby in Daytona Beach, FL
Bobby in Plainfield, IN
Bogar in Airway Heights, WA
Brandy in Claxton, GA
Brett in Nashville, TN
Brian in Woodland, CA
Brian Ray in Lake Butler, FL
Brian Ray in Sedalia, MO
Brogdan in Orfino, ID
Calvin in Columbia, TN
Cari in Madison, IN
Carl in Troy, NY
Carlos in Leavenworth, KS
Carlos in South Walpole, MA
Carlos in Tennessee Colony, TX
Cassandra in Riverhead, NY
Chance in Clearwater, FL
Charis in Nashville, TN
Charles in Kenai, AK
Charles in Ossining, NY
Charles in Sturtevant, WI
Charlie in Elmore, AL
Cheri in Sparta, TN
Cherie in Fresno, CA
Cheryl in Plain Dealing, LA
Chris A. in Wenatchee, WV
Chris in Wenatchee, WA
Chrissy in Milton, FL
Christina in Riverhead, NY
Christina in Weatherford, TX
Christine in Chowchilla, CA
Christopher in Deerslodge, MT
Christopher in Delta, CO
Christopher in Henderson, TX
Christopher in Lincoln, NE
Christopher in Marienville, PA
Christopher in Polk City, FL
Christopher in Rosharon, TX
Christopher in Stanton, MI
Christopher in Tracy, CA
Christy in Deming, NM
Cirilo in Punta Gorda, FL
Clarence in Lakeport, CA
Cody in Wenatchee, WA
Conard in Williamsport, PA
Corey Lee in Jasper, TX
Coty Lee in Redding, CA
Cruz in Macon, GA
Crysta in Holton, KS
Crystal in Fresno, CA
Curtis E. in Buford, GA
Cynthia in Breckeridge, MN
Cynthia in Easton, PA
Daniel in Elmira, NY
Daniel in McKinney, TX
Daniel in Wasco, CA
Danielle in Punta Gorda, FL
Danny in Winnfield, LA
Darnell in Baltimore, MD
Darrell in Greta, LA
David E. in Grand Rapids, MI
David in Abilene, TX
David in Richmond, IN
David in Taylorsville, NC
Davon in Columbus, OH
De Lira Alvarez in Holdenville, OK
Delchon in Memphis, TN
Denetria in Nashville, TN
Dennis in Wenatchee, WA
Denylia in Fresno, CA
Deon in Fairfax, VA
Derek in Baltimore, MD
Derek in Rosharon, TX
Dewon in Dalhart, TX
Dianna in Idaho Falls, ID
Domingo in Sneads, FL
Dominic in Yulee, FL
Donald in Erie, PA
Donald E. in Camp Hill, PA
Donna in Chardon, OH
Donna in Dyersburg, TN
Donna in Fresno, CA
Duane in Seguin, TX
Dylan in Delano, GA
Edgar in Adelanta, CA
Edgar in Raiford, FL
Edward in Unadilla, GA
Edwin in Pelham, GA
Edwin in Pelham, GA
Edwin in Wenatchee, WA
Efrain in Kinston, NC
Elisa in Salem, VA
Elizabeth in San Bernardino, CA
Emilio in Sacramento, CA
Emily in Charlotte, NC
Emmanuel in Odessa, TX
Emmanuel in Ossining, NY
Eric in Boise, ID
Eric in Sarasota, FL
Erica in Hawkinsville, GA
Erica in Riverhead, NY
Ernest in Wasco, CA
Esequial in Indian Springs, NV
Evan in Williamsburg, VA
Fausto in Estill, SC
Felipe in Key West, FL
Floriberto in Houtzdale, PA
Francisco in Century, FL
Francisco in Lovelady, TX
Francisco X. in Florence, AZ
Frank in Beaumont, TX
Frank in Stockton, CA
Freddie in Union Springs, AL
G in Gatesville, TX
Gabriel in Richmond, VA
Gabriella in Fresno, CA
Gage in Neligh, NE
Garcia in San Diego, CA
Garry in San Quentin, CA
Gary in Atoka, OK
Gary in Salem, OR
Gary in Town, PA
Gary in Uvalde, TX
George in Livingston, TX
George in Los Angeles, CA
Gerlad in Estill, SC
Gloria in Cleburne, TX
Grace in Pe Ell, WA
Graciela in Grants, NM
Gregory in Iowa Park, TX
Gregory in Jackson, CA
Guadalupe in San Antonio, TX
Gwendolyn in Bedford Hills, NY
Harold in Camp Hill, PA
Haronid in Cape May, NJ
Heather in Ft. Worth, TX
Hector Avila in Yazoo City, MS
Herbert in Navasota, TX
Hilario in Tallahassee, FL
Holly in Kingston, TN
Howard in Omaha, NE
Hunter in Monroe, WA
Israel in Lexington, OK
Ivan in Indian Springs, NV
J. M. in Beaumont, TX
J. Pichardo in London, OH
Jacinta in Spokane, WA
Jackie in Modesto, CA
Jacob in Burley, ID
Jacob Ryan in Wasco, CA
Jaime in Edinburg, TX
Jaime Lopez in San Antonio, TX
Jairo in Brentwood, NH
Jairo in Childress, TX
James Edward in Alamo, GA
James in Alamo, GA
James in Amarillo, TX
James in Angie, LA
James in CMCH, NJ
James in Glen Ellyn, IL
James in Lafayette, LA
James in Little Rock, AR
James in Warrenton, NC
James in Wartburg, TN
Jamie in Dayton, TX
Janice in Santee, CA
Jasol in Eleanor, WV
Jason in Ft. Worth, TX
Jason in Jessup, MD
Jason in Toledo, OH
Jason in McKinney, TX
Jason in Wenatchee, WA
Javier in El Paso, TX
Jay'ranae in Cleveland, OH
Jean Mary in McRae Helena, GA
Jeanie in Douglasville, GA
Jeff Todd in Cannon, CO
Jenica in Nashville, TN
Jen-Nai in South Bend, IN
Jennifer Ann in Livingston, TX
Jennifer in Anchorage, AK
Jennifer in Fresno, CA
Jenson in Twin City, GA
Jeremy in Chesapeake, VA
Jeremiah in Brownwood, TX
Jeremy in Kyle, TX
Jeremy in Tucson, AZ
Jessica in Fresno, CA
Jessica in Gatesville, TX
Jessica in Milton, FL
Jesus in Chester, PA
Joaquin in Kenedy, TX
Joe in Lake Charles, LA
Joe in Beacon, NY
Joe in Chester, GA
Joel in Vinita, OK
John in Carson City, NV
John in Clallam Bay, WA
John in Ellisville, MS
John in Lake Charles, LA
John in Louisville, KY
John in Red Granite, WI
John in Twin City, GA
Johnny in Othan, AL
Johnson in Chester, PA
Jon in Arcadia, FL
Jonathan in Grants, NM
Jonathan in Marysville, CA
Jorge in Tarboro, NC
Jorge Inglesias in Washington, MS
Jose in Eagleville, PA
Jose in Ontario, OR
Jose in Fairfax, VA
Jose in Fairfield, CA
Jose in Lino Lakes, MN
Jose in Modesto, CA
Jose in Murrieta, CA
Jose in Vacaville, CA
Jose in West Chester, PA
Jose Luis in Amarillo, TX
Joseph in Arcadia, FL
Joseph in Cumberland, MD
Joseph in Hobbs, NM
Joseph in La Grange, KY
Joseph in Polk City, FL
Joseph in Taylorsville, NC
Joseph in Westcliffe, CO
Joshua in Westville, IN
Joshua R. in Lebanon, PA
Josue in Waynesburg, PA
J'Tericka in Fresno, CA
Juan in Littlerock, AR
Juan Arevalo in Eloy, AZ
Juan in Calipatria, CA
Juan in Camp Hill, PA
Juan in Henderson, TX
Juan in Malone, NY
Juan in Mayville, NY
Justin in Lakeport, CA
Justin in Lawton, OK
Justin in Milledgeville, GA
Karol in Norfolk, MA
Kassandra in Billings, MT
Katonya in Newport, AR
Kayla Nicole in Las Vegas, NV
Kenekey in Columbia, SC
Keon'Dre in Ocala, FL
Kevin in Bridgeport, CT
Kevin in Florence, AZ
Kevin in Wenatchee, WA
Kiersten in Peewee Valley, KY
Kizzy in Portsmouth, VA
Kristie in Henning, TN
Kristy in South Bend, IN
Kurt in Madison, NE
Kyle in Marienville, PA
Lamar in Garden City, GA
Larry in Rosharon, TX
Larry in Brownfield, TX
Lastarza in Chillicothe, OH
Laurie L. in Williamsburg, VA
Lea Ann in Milton, FL
Leigh in Trenton, NJ
Leonardo in Wasco, CA
LeRoy in Marcy, NY
Lloyd in Lakeport, CA
Loreeka in Houston, TX
Loren in Jourdanton, TX
Loretta in Grants, NM
Louis in Elizabeth, NJ
Lucy in Odessa, TX
Luis in Sonya, NY
Luis A. in Miami, FL
Luis in Kearny, NJ
Luis Javier in Houtzdale, PA
Maggie in Brownwood, TX
Maneka in Pearl, MS
Marc in Trenton, FL
Margil in San Antonio, TX
Mario in Waynesburg, PA
Mario Ismael in Waco, TX
Mark in Orlando, FL
Mark in Wheaton, IL
Marko in Bellefonte, PA
Marlivia in Cucamonga, CA
Marty in Plain Dealing, LA
Matthew in Concord, NH
Matthew in Nashville, TN
Matthew in Norforlk, MA
Mekera in Virginia Beach, VA
Michael Angelo in Graham, NC
Michael in Chardon, OH
Michael in Indian Springs, NV
Michael in Lake Butler, FL
Michael in Livingston, TX
Michael in New Orleans, LA
Michael in Okanogan, WA
Michael in Salem, VA
Michael in Sneads, FL
Michael in Wenatchee, WA
Michael in Yacolt, WA
Michelle in Moore Haven, FL
Miguel in Camp Hill, PA
Miguel in Cheshire, CT
Miguel in Waco, TX
Monique in Fresno, CA
Moses in Okecheebee, FL
Myesia in Lubbock, TX
Myriam in Fresno, CA
Nallely in Adelanta, CA
Narciso in Snyder, TX
Natalie in Portsmouth, VA
Natasha in Milton, FL
Natasha in Fresno, CA
Natasha in South Bend, IN
Nester in Los Angeles, CA
Nicholas in Delano, GA
Nickolas in Lawrenceville, GA
Nicole M. in Wilsonville, OR
Nikkia in Charlotte, NC
Norman in Lakeport, CA
Obed Israel in Eloy, AZ
Octavio in Susanville, CA
Odilon in San Antonio, TX
Omar in San Antonio, TX
Oscar in Malone, FL
Pablo in Virginia Beach, VA
Paul in Fulton, MO
Paul in Greenville, KY
Paul in New Castle, IN
Paul in Panama City, FL
Pearl in Fresno, CA
Pedro in Blountstown, FL
Pedro in Jacksboro, TX
Pelumi in Omaha, NE
Pete in Huntsville, TX
Philip in Orlando, FL
Phillip in Calico Rock, AR
Quiroz in Albion, NY
Ralph in Elmore, AL
Randall in Brownwood, TX
Randy in Lakeport, CA
Randy in Wilmington, NC
Rashard in Mt Vernon, GA
Rasheed S. in Frackville, PA
Raymond in Covington, LA
Raymond in Halifax, NC
Raymond in Pelzer, SC
Raymond in Sneads, FL
Reggie in Delano, CA
Ricardo in Bryan, TX
Ricardo in New Brunswick, NJ
Richard in Plainfield, IN
Richard in Vinita, OK
Rickey in Jamestown, CA
Ricky in Sparta, GA
Robert Glenn in Abilene, TX
Robert in Bellefonte, PA
Robert in Columbia, SC
Robert in Lake Butler, FL
Robert in Nashville, TN
Robert in Pacific, MO
Robert in Vacaville, CA
Robert in Wenatchee, WA
Roberto in Graceville, FL
Roberto in Cartersville, GA
Robyn in Black Mountain, NC
Roel in Kingsville, TX
Roland in Jennings, CA
Roman in Dallas, TX
Ronald in Cuching, OK
Ronald in Doral, FL
Ronald in Henderson, TX
Ronald in Oquawka, IL
Ronnie in Palatka, FL
Roy in Grafton, OH
Russell in Bayport, MN
Russell in Sheboygan, WI
Sam in Wasco, CA
Samantha in Bayville, LA
Sarita in Portsmouth, VA
Saul in Lincoln, NE
Scott in Milwaukee, WI
Scott in Syracuse, NY
Sean in Hampton, VA
Sean in Denver, CO
Seteven in Susanville, CA
Shane in Brentwood, NH
Shane in Jasper, TX
Shane in New Boxton, TX
Shannon in Peru, IN
Shaun in Maft, TX
Shawn in Riverhead, NY
Shelvie in Grafton, OH
Sofiya in Lawrenceville, GA
Sonny in Welch, WV
Stephanie in Alberta, VA
Stephen in Ft. Worth, TX
Sterling in San Angelo, TX
Steven in Fairbanks, AK
Steven in Paola, KS
Steven in Florence, AZ
Steven in Lakeport, CA
Steven Ray in Stanton, MI
Susan in Las Vegas, NV
Sydney in Cleveland, TN
T. in Pendleton, IN
Tammy in Pocomoke, MO
Tammy in Williamsburg, VA
Tasha in Pocatello, ID
Telesforo in Lake Charles, LA
Thomas in Tiptonville, TN
Thomas in Aiea, HI
Thomas in Ellisville, MS
Thomas in Oakwood Village, OH
Thomas in Wasco, CA
Thomas in Wewahitchka, FL
Timothy A. in Lebanon, PA
Timothy in Dallas, TX
Timothy W. in Columbia, SC
Tina in San Francisco, CA
Tobias in San Quentin, CA
Tom in Plymouth, WI
Toni in Tallulah, LA
Tony in Buford, GA
Tony in Huntsville, TX
Tony in Wasco, CA
Traquisha in Plain Dealing, LA
Travis in Alberta, VA
Trent in Pawama City, FL
Valle-Alvarez in Bedford Hills, NY
Van Ryan in Rosharon, TX
Verova in McLoud, OK
Vickie in Fresno, CA
Victor H. in Woodland, CA
Victor in Airway Heights, WA
Victor in Lawrenceville, GA
Vincent in Shreveport, LA
Virginia in Chowchilla, CA
Wanda in Salem, VA
Watts in Denver, CO
Wilfred in Ocilla, GA
William in Butner, NC
William in Ellisville, MS
William in Alberta, VA
William in Cleveland, OH
William in Mansfield, LA
William in Uvalde, TX
William in West Chester, PA
Willie in Walla Walla, WA
Winford R. in Oglethorpe, GA
Yevgeniy in East Elmhurst, NY
Zachery in Marcy, NY




"When did we see You sick or in prison and visit You?" And the King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me."​
Matthew 25:39-40




Thank you for partnering with CLI!

You are a blessing to many!



CLI's mission is to glorify God by making disciples of prisoners through the CLI Bible studies and by distributing Christian books to over1,500 US prisons.

Western Blue Ridge Baptist Network
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